Employment Strategies – Apprenticeships & Internships?

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Any one watching cable news, listening to talk radio, or reading their local daily recognizes that the most pressing issues facing America today are the faltering economy and vexing unemployment.  While a variety of resuscitative strategies have been presented by top-tiered politicians and celebrity academics, millions of Americans continue to languish in unemployment while many more have become hopelessly discouraged.  Rather than soliciting solutions from prestigious public servants or highly credentialed bureaucrats, NPR interviewed Mr Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, the design firm that stylized the very first Apple mouse (among other things).  The 4 minute and 54 second long interview highlights private sector suggestions on how to solve our unemployment problems and the value of time-tested apprenticeship programs to close the skills gap in tech field.



Mr. Brown provides some insight on a competing net exporter: apparently Germany has over 300 recognized trades and industries that run apprenticeship programs.  More than 50 percent of under-22-year-olds go through apprenticeship programs there.  The potential benefits of adopting a similar system in the United States are obvious – mustn’t forget that Germany is the second largest exporting nation in the world behind the Chinese Goliath.  It sounds simple but developing the institutions and organizations that support intern and apprentice placement haven’t been a priority in the U.S.A. for a very long time.  STAMP hopes to change this trend!


Apprenticeships May Solve Skills Gap & Spark Economy …………..NPR’s Morning Edition – Sept. 8th 2011


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